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Normal transmission will resume soon…..I promise

I’ll be honest, I’ve kinda dropped the ball on the blogging thing in the last week or so but I promise I’ve got a real good excuse. I have actually been busy; busy with something other than shopping, boozing or tweeting that is. Busy studying to be exact!

The new me post-op......blue haired and skinny

I know, I know, I’ve shocked even myself with my adult and sensible approach to my upcoming exam.

It’s all very boring to be honest; I’m doing a Certificate in Mortgage Practice and studying for my first exam which is in ‘Mortgage Advice’ (told you its boring).

Anyhoo, due to the study time involved and the fact that I have NO clue whatsoever about mortgage advice, loans, regulations and the likes, I’m putting my blog on the back-burner until the exam is over.

Don’t worry; it’s not too far away. September 4th is exam day, which will be closely followed by my first appointment with my new surgeon in the Blackrock clinic on Monday 6th September….WOOP!

Now if that isn’t enough of a reason for a big-ass WOOP I don’t know what is?!?!?

Until then, don’t miss me too much. Oh and say a little prayer to the exam gods for me.