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Lingering on lingerie

This blog post was inspired by the wonderful, talented and super funny Rosemary MacCabe. She blogs about fashion and stuff on RosemaryMacCabe.com, oh and for the Irish Times at Fash Mob. She recently wrote about the new underwear line from Marks & Spencer; which is chocolate box pretty by the way.

This got me to thinking of my imminent new boobs and how I will need to replace all of my bras. It also has me very excited about the endless possibilities and choices open to me with the new and smaller boobs. Since then I’ve spent hours online drooling at the purty items on Agent Provocateur and Victoria’s Secret;  much like a teenage boy, I imagine.

The thoughts of being able to buy bright, candy coloured bras in every style and shape is mind-blowing.

Pretty, pretty, pretty.

This coming from a gal who has spent most of her adult years in boring black, white and nude sensible brassieres with wide straps and ugly patterns.

I know I’m probably getting ahead of myself here. I suppose it’s something to keep my mind off of the reality of the surgery and the four hour procedure. It’s also something to look forward to and a cheeky way of reminding the boy that he’ll be bringing me shopping when I’m all healed and better.