New year, new me…….

I’ve been a bad blogger; or as CH has taken to calling me of late “bad babysitter”. Now I bet you have that awfully annoying but catchy song in your head. You do, don’t you!?! Apologies, I digress, where was I?  Ah yes, I’m a lazy blogger but that’s going to change. I promise, on this the second last day of January, I will up the ante on the blogging front for 2011. It was one of my New Year Resolutions and I intend on sticking to it.

So, lets bring y’all up to speed on whats been happening with me since my last update in November 2010. First up, the Girls; they’re healing well. They look and feel awesome and I still can’t believe they’re mine. Yes, there’s still pain but I’ve recently been given the go ahead by my surgeon to return to light exercise. I intend on starting AntiGravity Yoga in Labfitness in Drogheda in February. “AntiGravity what?”, you may ask. AGY is an acrobatic yoga using a soft trapeze suspended from two overhead points, like a swing. Looks cool, right?

So, to go hand in hand with my new exercise regime I’ve started back to WW and in two weeks I’ve dropped 6lbs. I’m a long way off my goal weight but its a pretty decent start. By summer I’ll have a new body to go with my new boobs……hurrah!

In other news, December passed by in a dizzying whirlwind of snow, travels, shopping, weddings and family. The trip to New York was fantastic. We walked our legs off, shopped our hearts out and vowed to return soon. Christmas was quiet and was all about the family and preparing for Lynn and Kenneth’s big day; which by the way was phenomenal. Weren’t they stunning………………….

I rounded December off  by officially moving in with CH in our new Dublin apartment. It’s awesome, its close to work for both of us and fits perfectly. I still get home to Clogherhead most weekends; its our weekend pad by the sea and I’d never give it up.

So far, 2011 has been pretty decent. January has been mostly about work and catching up with friends. Oh and there was that little article in the Irish Times Health Supplement by the very wonderful Rosemary MacCabe – quite the honour, to be honest. Anyways, here’s to more regular posting in the coming months. Stay tuned, lovelies. Oh, and bleated Happy New Year to you all.

P.S: Princess Superstar has a little something to say……….

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