Thanks for the Mammaries…….

It has been way too long since I’ve blogged about my boobs, or even talked about them for that matter. What a shame, says many. (I’d like to think)
This little fact sheet came my way lately, courtesy of CH ; it made me laugh aloud & taught me a few things about my mammaries. Guys and gals, have a read. S’good, I swear.


Show us yer Donncha

It’s that time of year again people, no, not Lent, its Six Nations season and that can only mean one thing. Yup, the first anniversary of Donncha Day is upon us. “What’s Donncha Day?” some of you might ask. Simply put, it’s a day created by yours truly and my very super friend Dena to honour the wondrous and Godlike genius that is Donncha O’Callaghan and his red under-crackers.

There may have been mucho beer involved when we came up with this legendary idea. But hey, it worked and entertained many; including countless Ireland and Wales fans on that fine day in Dublin last year when we beat Wales at home 27 -12.

What better way to pay homage to the big man himself than by donning our own Donncha pants & baring them on t’interweb for all the world to see.

If only my ass looked as hot as Donners' *le sigh*

Oh and we made tee-shirts too…….

Donncha boobs.

Here’s hoping the Donncha pants bring our Boys in Green some luck this Saturday when we meet Wales again.
So on Saturday, don’t forget to Show Us Yer Donncha………….

Show us yer Donncha

And yes, the pants will be out again.

Eye candy and a top five list……….

What better way to take my mind off painful boobs and other such mundane matters than daydreaming about my Top Five List of Hot Men, from my sick bed I might add.

This is a list that comes up in conversation quite regularly with me and many friends, but my Top Five pretty much so always remain the same. Ladies (and gents) take a minute and feast your eyes on these devilishly dishy dudes.

In at #5 is John Krazinski, aka Jim Halpert from the US Office. The guy is funny, tall AND hot; whats not to love? He also knows how to wear a suit well. Damn, he looks good.

A navy Prada suit never looked so good.

At #4 we have the cheeky devil that is Adrian Grenier. “Who”? you might ask. Well, Mr Grenier is the very cute, yet scruffy, Vincent Chase in Entourage and also Andy’s boyfriend in ‘The Devil Wears Prada’. Helllo piercing blue-grey eyes.

What can I say, I'm a sucker for the facial hair.

Representing the Irish boys and all things rugby, Tommy Bowe, Irelands Right Wing man, makes it in at #3. That lilting Monaghan accent, his grá for an auld sing song and his cheeky grin is enough to melt any heart. Lets not forget those abs either (be still my beating heart). Plus, your mammy would be only delirah to see you bringing him home for tea.

Living proof that Mermen truly exist.

Keeping with the homegrown buachaillí, we have Niall Breslin at #2. Mullingar man, ex-Leinster player and lead singer with the Blizzards; who has now turned his hand to writing and producing in London town, by they way. This tall drink of water is very easy on the eye and a lovely guy, to boot. Is there any end to Bressie’s gifts and talents?

Lean on me...........

And without further ado we have the #1. Readers, I give you Mr George Clooney. Ever since his Doug Ross days on ER, back in the early 90’s, I have a little place in my heart for the charming prankster that is George.

Dr, I seem to have come over all funny.

This dreamboat seems to only get better with age too. Break me off a piece o’ that.

Look at those baby browns.

And there you have it. I hope this is as much fun to read as it was for me to write. Have a great weekend peoples and until next time, be good.

New year, new me…….

I’ve been a bad blogger; or as CH has taken to calling me of late “bad babysitter”. Now I bet you have that awfully annoying but catchy song in your head. You do, don’t you!?! Apologies, I digress, where was I?  Ah yes, I’m a lazy blogger but that’s going to change. I promise, on this the second last day of January, I will up the ante on the blogging front for 2011. It was one of my New Year Resolutions and I intend on sticking to it.

So, lets bring y’all up to speed on whats been happening with me since my last update in November 2010. First up, the Girls; they’re healing well. They look and feel awesome and I still can’t believe they’re mine. Yes, there’s still pain but I’ve recently been given the go ahead by my surgeon to return to light exercise. I intend on starting AntiGravity Yoga in Labfitness in Drogheda in February. “AntiGravity what?”, you may ask. AGY is an acrobatic yoga using a soft trapeze suspended from two overhead points, like a swing. Looks cool, right?

So, to go hand in hand with my new exercise regime I’ve started back to WW and in two weeks I’ve dropped 6lbs. I’m a long way off my goal weight but its a pretty decent start. By summer I’ll have a new body to go with my new boobs……hurrah!

In other news, December passed by in a dizzying whirlwind of snow, travels, shopping, weddings and family. The trip to New York was fantastic. We walked our legs off, shopped our hearts out and vowed to return soon. Christmas was quiet and was all about the family and preparing for Lynn and Kenneth’s big day; which by the way was phenomenal. Weren’t they stunning………………….

I rounded December off  by officially moving in with CH in our new Dublin apartment. It’s awesome, its close to work for both of us and fits perfectly. I still get home to Clogherhead most weekends; its our weekend pad by the sea and I’d never give it up.

So far, 2011 has been pretty decent. January has been mostly about work and catching up with friends. Oh and there was that little article in the Irish Times Health Supplement by the very wonderful Rosemary MacCabe – quite the honour, to be honest. Anyways, here’s to more regular posting in the coming months. Stay tuned, lovelies. Oh, and bleated Happy New Year to you all.

P.S: Princess Superstar has a little something to say……….

For once, I ain’t got much to say.

Bless me readers, for I have sinned. Its been nearly four weeks since my last blog post. I have no excuse other than sheer laziness and well, the whole lack of having anything of interest to share.

Since my last update I’ve been back with the surgeon and given the all-clear to return to work, which I did on Monday, this week. It was emotional and draining, to say the least, but I’m glad to be back in the saddle. To be honest, I kinda missed the humdrum of normality and the daily routine. I missed being in Dublin with the boy. I missed my friends here too. Despite being in mucho pain still, it was time to return.

As for the girls, well, Lefty is looking mighty fine. Only a few external stitches left to dissolve and she’s all good on the healing front. Unfortunately, Righty is still struggling, but getting there. She’s like the proverbial Ugly Duckling; I’ve got high hopes for her though. Seemingly, the constant pain will continue for another six months, at least. I still can’t exercise and since the surgery, six weeks ago, I’ve piled on an unsightly amount of weight. I don’t care though, its all worth it for the new, tiny, perky boobs. Oh and did I mention that the back and shoulder pain is gone. Yup, all gone…..hallelujah!

In other news, I am preparing myself for an exciting December; there’s lots going on. This also includes a trip to New York with the boy. First trip of the year and our first break away together. The poor guy has no idea what he has let himself in for. He hasn’t experienced my crazy stateside shopping addiction yet. It’ll be quite the test, I’m sure.

Soon after that I have my sisters wedding; two days after Christmas actually. All I have to do now is find the perfect gúna to wear on the day. I’m hoping NY helps me out on that front.

The truth of the matter is………

I’m fairly new to this blogging thing and still kinda learning the ropes, so to speak. In saying that, I enjoy it thoroughly. I know at the moment I’m only discussing my boobs, the surgery and the recovery process but this is a personal blog and that’s what is most personal to me right now. In the future I will no doubt blog about many other things as they come into my life.

Today, however, somebody emailed me about my blog and my ‘boob job’ and said, in not such a polite manner, that I talk about it too much. Firstly, I was irritated by the term ‘boob job’. I didn’t have a boob job. I had a ‘bi-lateral reduction mammoplasty’ for very real medical reasons. This wasn’t a cosmetic whim or something I decided to do one lunch time. This was a serious surgery that I had spent years deliberating over and in the end waited for it for quite some time.

For somebody to refer to it as a ‘boob job’ is insulting and disrespectful. No disrespect to implants or augmentation but they’re two very different surgeries. What I went through was over three hours of major invasive surgery. I had 3.5lbs of tissue removed and I was opened open from armpit to armpit. I’ve had both nipples removed and reattached and I now have scars running from my nipples to beneath my breasts. This was definitely no ‘boob job’.

This ain't no 'Boob Job'

I apologise if this offends or repulses anyone, but that’s the reality of the situation. I felt compelled to share this with you, as people seem to be shocked and amazed by the scale of the recovery required following this procedure. The fact is it’s only in the last few days that I’ve been able to shower and get dressed without help. One day soon I’ll be up and active again and this will all seem like a distant memory, but in the meantime, I’m counting down the days until I can do the things I’m unable to do at the minute.

Think about not being able to hug those nearest and dearest to you. It’s the thing I really, really miss the most. There’s so much I’ve missed and so much I’m looking forward to. I’ll be able to sleep in any position other than sitting up, propped by a dozen pillows. Oh and I’ll be allowed to drive. I’m also excited to be able to shave my own legs and paint my own toes again. The thought of never having to wear a sports bra to bed, or wince when I’m putting on my socks, fills me with joy. I’ll even be able to laugh again without hurting.

The list of things I can’t physically do right now is endless and I’m not going to bore you with them. For now I’ll just say that, unfortunately, it’s recovery time and that’s what I have to do.

It won’t last forever………..

P.S: Thanks to Christian and Dena for their input and help on this post.

My Lovely Lady Lumps

It’s two weeks to the day since the surgery and it has been an eventful time, for sure; well, eventful as it can be for someone who is housebound and totally dependent on her nearest and dearest.

Anyhoo, since I last updated you I’ve been to see my magical surgeon twice; twice this week actually. See, there was a tiny complication, which was only discovered on Monday. Basically, I have partial necrosis of the right nipple areola or righty as I like to call her. The chances of this kind of complication are 0.8%. Yup, you read that correctly and yet I still managed to end up with it. So, necrosis occurs when there isn’t enough blood flow to the tissue and in turn it dies. (Apologies to the squeamish of you out there reading this)

My last visit with the surgeon, yesterday, was a positive one and he seems to think that with a whole heap of “time and hand holding” (his words) things will come good. If that doesn’t work there are always skin grafts. Unfortunately, this does set back the healing process a little but hey, it’ll be totally worth it for a ‘rocking rack’.

Speaking of which, Dena has kindly named my nipples, lefty is Rose and righty is Lucinda; she didn’t think it through very well but her heart was in the right place. She also brought me the most delightful gift last weekend; homemade boobie cupcakes with giant nipples.

Lovely Lady Lumps

They represent my new lady lumps perfectly.